Songs of cellular mobile phones

The songs describes approximately around mobile phone on the one hand and the endangerment by the microwaves on the other side. The responsible persons from the portable radio economy and those intimate scientists will not state tiredly that the high frequency radiation is harmless. As long it will remain underneath the specified limit values. Many representatives from politics and administration the are chattering the same. However so far also nobody from them ready-found itself to expose itself by way of trial also only for a few days times a radiation strength nearby to the limit values.

On the other hand the excrescences are mentioned, which along-itself-brings the mobile phone illusion. The craze and dependence. The internal obligation to be constantly and everywhere attainable and hoping that someone is there at anytime, taking up the contact and might it be only by the way of a short message. At the same time the absolute demand to be able to reach also different at any time. Mobile phone in addition as a sign and amplifiers of social depletion and brutalization as well as the financial desasters. Also mentioned are the countless accidents with often fatal outcome by  using of mobile cell phones. In particular during driving a car. The very most owners of mobile phone do leave it on stand-by also while driving. And if it rings, they catch it and start the communication. Senselessly and carelessly. In such a way there is seen a considerateand ruth of the human people. Because they do not only reveal themselves but also they endangers other people on the street. Likewise they put on radiation and noises to their fellow men, Although those want to avoid the radiation for themselves. And although those feel disturbed itself from ringtones and speaking at anytime and any place.

The damaging influence of the mobile phone radiation on our health is still denied by interested circles. The fact  that mobile-cell-phone-using has changed the character of humans and its social behavior already unfavorably is however obviously


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